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Metsi has a rich history of developing software that is effective, efficient and available to solve process deficiencies, architectural sprawls, and rising support costs. We have successfully built enterprise software, protocols and migration tools for multiple industry leading OEMs.

Today, we offer world-class enterprise software development as well as application modernization, DevOps and full stack observability.

Application Lifecycle

Improved Collaboration, Faster Software Delivery, Minimal Rework

Metsi’s Application Management Services (AMS) provide both a reactive and proactive approach to your applications. Reactively, we give you a strategic view of your IT systems for incident management, service response times and more. Proactively, we deliver solutions for release management, change management, and operational management.

Application Lifecycle

Application modernization


Legacy applications have long release cycles and are costly and resource-intensive to maintain, often being dependent on more outdated and inefficient infrastructure and services. Metsi’s application modernization moves apps from monolithic to microservices architecture to power applications of any size and scale. This makes applications easier to scale and faster to develop independently, while leveraging containerisation to allow applications to perform consistently across devices and environments.

Application Lifecycle



The Metsi approach combines scalable agile development processes with enterprise DevOps to achieve optimal agility. DevOps not only narrows the long-standing divide between development and operations teams that has existed for ages, but also combines structured processes and automation to achieve faster throughput, meaning higher quality at a lower cost.

Application Lifecycle

Full Stack Observability


Today’s digital-first business models puts technologists at the coalface of their organizations’ response to operational needs. Rapid digital transformation has added incredible technical complexity throughout IT departments, increasing the amount of data created across the technology stack, from the application through to the network and security. More than ever before, the ability to connect full stack observability with real time business results is what delivers top-tier digital experiences.

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