Digital Innovation


At its core, digital innovation is the use of digital technology and applications to improve existing business processes and efficiency, enhancing customer experience and launching new products or business models effectively. Digital innovation can include developing a new technology strategy in an existing business; easily adopting new software or platforms; or evolving from analog to digital operations.

Digital Innovation

Innovate with Full Stack Observability

Full-stack observability – or observability without limits - enables IT teams to monitor an entire IT stack, from customer-facing applications to core network and infrastructure, and determine which resources must take priority.

Metsi expedites digital innovation initiatives by leveraging APIs for IT automation, orchestration and integration; optimizing cloud native computing to reap the benefits of extensive workflow automation.

Digital Innovation

API Driven Innovation


APIs represent more than technical conduits for sharing data. In today’s increasingly interconnected world, application programming interfaces (APIs) are becoming the digital reflection of an organization. Well-designed APIs provide organizations with a critical link to data and services that enable rapid innovation, open up markets for new goods and services, and serve as the basis for future partnerships. Given the increasing importance of APIs, organizations need to understand the API lifecycle of its own technologies and also those of its partners, from inception to retirement, in much the same way a company oversees development and ongoing support for any digital service.

Digital Innovation

Cloud Native


Cloud native computing is an approach in software development that typically means using open source software stack to be containerized, where each part of the app is packaged in its own container, dynamically orchestrated so each part is actively scheduled and managed to optimize resource utilization, and microservices-oriented to increase the overall agility and maintainability of applications. Cloud-native application development typically includes DevOps, agile methodology, microservices, cloud platforms, containers like Kubernetes and Docker, and continuous delivery. In short, every new and modern method of application deployment is implemented and is best leveraged in a PaaS environment.

Digital Innovation

Workflow Automation


Modern digital workflows unlock productivity for employees and enterprises. Metsi has many years of experience in workflow automation across self-service portals, IT service catalogs and security orchestration. We are experts in automating multi-step processes that occur between systems to help companies achieve better business outcomes. We design and deliver the processes that make your business more effective and efficient, with end-to-end automation that mitigates bottlenecks.

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